What Does It Take to Plan a Great Staycation?

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You have some time off coming up soon, but now is not a good time to take a trip. While a traditional vacation may be impractical, there’s no reason that you can’t plan a lovely staycation. Affordable, easy to plan, and a great way to relax, this approach works well for quite a few people.


Understanding the Concept


What is a staycation? It’s simply a vacation that you spend at and near the home. The amount of travel involved is minimal and you can include any activity that happens to be within a short distance of the house. Best of all, there are few if any reservations to make and no chance of your luggage ending up on a plane to some exotic city. You have complete control.


Using your home as a base of operations, it’s easy to come up with a plan that’s fun, relaxing, and provides many of the same benefits as a vacation. Here are some tips that will help.


Identify Places You’ve Never Visited Before


If you’re like most people, there are things to see that are less than an hour from your doorstep. Many of them you’ve never visited or really thought about a lot. Now is your opportunity to pretend that you’re a visitor to the city and see some of those places. Consider signing up with quebec adventure tours or a similar site to collect information about things to see. It will be a lot of fun and won’t cost a lot.


Revisit Some Old Favourites


There are places that you used to frequent a lot. That was before work and other aspects of life got so hectic. Since you have the time off, why not go back to some of those places and take a fresh look? You get the chance to relive some great memories and make some new ones in the process.


Combine Day Trips With Time Spent Relaxing


With a staycation, the idea is to go places that you can return from with ease. Think about a day trip to a larger city or some area that has something you would like to sample or enjoy. Sites like Connectingcalgary.com can provide some great ideas for day trips. Best of all, you get to enjoy the day and then sleep in your own bed that night.


Feel Free to Take Along Your Own Food


One of the more important expenses with any type of vacation is food. It can get expensive if every meal is in an restaurant. Depending on where you’re going for the day, taking along plenty to eat would be a good idea. A cooler of beverages coupled with a full picnic basket means you can stop to eat any time that you like. Along with saving money, you also don’t have to deal with crowded eateries or wait for your food to arrive from the kitchen. That translates into more time to spend enjoying whatever the area has to offer.


Be Flexible With Your Scheduling


While you do want to have an agenda for the staycation, nothing has to be carved in stone. If you wake up one morning and would rather do something other than what’s on the schedule, adjust the plans accordingly. There’s no rule that says you have to visit the aquarium today or make a trip to a local lake. When you’d rather take in a free concert in the park instead, go right ahead. After all, it’s your staycation!


Are you ready to make the most of your time off? Don’t fret because the budget is a little tight this year. With a little planning, there will be plenty to do and enjoy.

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