Working Out In Your Apartment: Equipment That’s Space Efficient and Effective

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You’d love to work out at home, but there’s not much space in your one-bedroom apartment. The good news is that you can invest in fitness equipment that’s easy to tuck under the bed or in a closet in between uses. Here are some ideas of what to buy first. As time goes on, you’ll find other equipment that’s suitable for a small space and adds more variety to your workouts.




There’s a lot you can do with a basic set of two dumbbells. Consider investing in a set that’s adjustable. Doing so allows you to add more weight without having to buy additional dumbbells. Keep them under an end table in the living room so you can work out while watching your favourite television show.


Jump Ropes


Jumping rope was fun when you were a kid. It’s still fun today. Best of all, it provides an excellent workout for your cardiovascular system and even helps tone various muscle groups. The rope can easily be kept on a hook in the closet or in a drawer when it’s not in use.




Like dumbbells, the basic kettlebell is a versatile piece of exercise equipment. Thanks to the handles that come with the basic design, it’s easier to grip the bells for lifting and stretching routines that are harder to manage with dumbbells. These can also be tucked under the bed of an end table when not in use.


What can you do with kettlebells? Routines that involve swinging the arms forward or backward are good examples. Lunges while holding one in each hand are also great for the arms, chest, and legs. Read up on exercises that help tone the core as well as your arms and legs. It’ll be easy to see why these need to be part of your home workout plan.


Pull-Up Bars


Installing a pull-up bar in a door frame is a great idea for home workouts. The bathroom door frame is a good choice, as is your bedroom door frame. Make sure the bar is mounted high enough to prevent anyone from hitting their heads as they pass through the opening. You need the height anyway so that your feet don't constantly touch the floor while you perform those pull-ups. This one piece of equipment will have more of an impact on your upper body Fitness level than many people think.


Exercise Mats


Exercise mats provide the additional padding and traction needed for all sorts of simple exercises. You can perform push-ups, sit-ups, different types of squats, and even straddle hops on a mat. Most mats fold up easily, so you can keep it under the bed when not in use. Most mats come with a shell that’s easy to wipe down after each use. With proper care, a mat will last for years.


You can plan a reasonable workout routine to follow in the privacy of your home. That’s true even if you live in a smaller apartment. Try these five pieces of equipment and see how well they work for this purpose. It won’t be long until you think of other smaller equipment options that you can store easily and bring out whenever you’re in the mood for exercising.

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