Could You Use a New Pair of Shoes? Use These Tips to Find the Right Pair!

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It’s time to do a little shoe shopping. Rather than settling for something that will do for now, it’s a good idea to go with a pair that will hold up well for a long time. Choosing a reputable brand like Rieker shoes is a good place to start, but you also want to pay close attention to different qualities and attributes. Use these tips and it won’t take long to find the ideal pair.


Special Event or Everyday Use?


What’s the motivation for buying a new pair of footwear? Are you looking for something for an upcoming event, like a wedding or work-related celebration? Perhaps there’s no special occasion; you need something for work or possibly a new pair of casual shoes to replace an older pair. Knowing why you want the new shoes makes it all the easier to focus your search on the right type of footwear.


Only the Best Materials Please


It’s true that you could spend money on an inexpensive pair made using inferior materials. The thing to remember is that you will get what you pay for when selecting those cheap shoes. They won’t last all that long and they’re not likely to feel all that great. Depending on the type of cheap materials used, those shoes may also make noticeable squeaks when you walk.


In the long run, spending more for a higher quality pair of shoes or boots is the smart choice. The footwear holds up for more years, retains a newer appearance, and will likely be easier to keep clean and in top shape. A pair made using quality materials could easily outlast two or three pair of inferior shoes. Compare the price of several pair of cheap shoes with the cost of a high-quality pair. You’ll see that a greater investment up front translates to savings in the long-term.


Pay Close Attention to the Width


One of the first points most people consider is the shoe size. Unfortunately, shoe width doesn’t always receive the attention that it deserves. If you really want the footwear to fit properly, always find out how wide or narrow the design happens to be.


It’s true that you may be able to get by with a width that’s slightly more narrow. However, why should you settle for merely getting by when something that’s slightly wider still fits but offers greater comfort? Since the plan is to invest in shoes that you will wear more than once, only look at footwear that’s the right dimensions on every front.


Support and Cushioning Always Matter


The easiest way to grow tired of a pair of shoes is to buy something that offers no support and little to no cushioning. A day is shoes of this kind will leave your feet tired, your lower legs sore, and in general ensure your mood is less than sunny.


There's no reason to put yourself through all that. Opt for something like a nice pair of Rieker shoes that provide plenty of cushioning and lots of arch support. Instead of feeling irritable and tired at the end of the day, your feet and legs will feel great; your general attitude will be a little better too.


Don’t Forget the Color


What colors work well with most of your wardrobe? Basic black is a great choice in both business and casual footwear. You may also consider some shade of brown, blue, or red, depending on what sort of attire you prefer. Select colors based on the outfits you wear most often. Doing so helps create a more unified look while still adding something new to the mix.


Do you have your checklist ready? Now is the time to start comparing styles and come up with something that will be a true asset to your wardrobe. Compromise on nothing and those new shoes will be something you enjoy for a long time.

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