5 Simple Reasons to Invest in New Locks for Your Residential Doors

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While locks for the front and back doors can last for decades, situations do arise that call for making some changes. The good news is that a higher quality Locks & Doors Company will have options for new locks that are perfect for your home. If any of the following has recently happened, calling that company and having a locksmith near you visit the home is a good idea.

You’ve Lost Track of Who Has Keys

Over the years, you’ve handed out quite a few keys to the front door. From guests who stayed for an extended time to neighbors who watch the house while you’re away, there are a number of keys out there. Not all of them have made it back to your hand.

Rather than wondering where all those keys are these days, why not change the locks? That allows you to start fresh and make sure there is no doubt who can gain access to the home.

The Present Locks Have Seen Better Days

Everything eventually wears out. That’s certainly true of locks. Perhaps you’ve noticed that they don’t seem to work as efficiently as in the past. Rather than continuing to deal with locks that sometimes take extra effort, why not replace them with something new? That will make it a little easier to unlock the front door when your hands are full of groceries or other types of packages.

Your Home Was Burglarized

Arriving home to find that someone has broken in and taken what they wanted leaves anyone feeling violated. It will take some time before you feel safe in your own space again. Along with looking into updates to the home’s security system, opting to change all of the exterior locks is also important. Anything that you can do to make it harder for someone to break in again will help you to feel protected once again.

You’ve Moved Into a New Home

When you looked at the place, it was obvious that the door locks were in great shape. After the purchase was completed, the previous owner handed over several copies of the front and back door key. Even so, you may want to have the exterior locks changed.

Even though the previous owner surrendered quite a few keys, were there others that were made over the years and are still floating around somewhere? You really have no way of knowing. Rather than wondering who might stumble across a key to your home, go ahead and have all the locks replaced. That gives you complete control of who can and cannot unlock any of the doors.

Your Keys are Missing

You’re not sure if you misplaced the house keys or if someone helped themselves to them. All you know is that your keys are nowhere to be found. It’s true that you have a spare set, but the idea of someone having the original set doesn’t exactly make you feel warm and fuzzy.

For your own peace of mind, call a locksmith and have the exterior locks changed. If the lost set also includes keys to the garage or a storage shed, have those locks changed too. Remember to have a spare set made and tuck them away in a safe place. After all the new locks are in place, you can stop fretting about those missing keys.

These are only some of the reasons to invest in new exterior door locks. Other causes can range from wanting to update the types of locks used to preparing the property for sale. Whatever the reason, always call a professional and get some advice on what kinds of locks would be best. A professional installation of higher quality locks will go a long way toward helping you rest easier at night.

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