Thinking About Securing a Loan? Take Care of These Tasks First!

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You’d like to borrow money in order to make a purchase or restructure existing debt. With help from the right lender, you can accomplish the intended goal. Before you submit the first application, it pays to take care of a few things in advance. Once these are settled, you can work with a site like Smarter.Loans and find the perfect lender.


Determine How Much You Need to Borrow


How much do you need to borrow? This will often help you determine what type of loan would be best. For example, a consolidation loan is a great choice if the plan is to pay off current debts and leave you with one easy-to-manage obligation. Many lenders offering this type of loan will approve the entire amount needed and even prepare the payments to your other creditors.


If you’re planning on borrowing money to buy real estate, keep in mind the lender will likely require that you supply a down payment to cover part of the purchase price. In this scenario, the amount you need to borrow may be 10-20% less than the actual cost of the property.

Check Your Credit Scores


Many lenders check anywhere from one to all three of the credit reports issued by the most popular credit bureaus. The thing is that you don’t know which reports as particular lender will check. The best move is to order copies of all three reports and go over them yourself.


Along with knowing the current score found on each report, you also get to read through the comments and details? Are they accurate? Do some details need to be updated? Working with the credit bureaus to make sure everything is correct could boost your scores by a few points. Higher scores may impact the terms that lenders are willing to offer.


Think About the Loan Term


How long do you need to repay the loan plus interest and other fees? The longest term that the lender offers may or may not be the best solution. Set a maximum time frame before you talk with any lender, but be willing to entertain a shorter term. Assuming it’s manageable, that shorter term may save a lot of money.


Identify the Maximum Installment Loan Amount You Can Manage


Take a good look at your budget and determine how much income you can allocate to a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly installment loan. You want to keep the payments at or lower than that amount. Doing so ensures that you can make the installments on time and avoid any late fees or charges.


Focus on Lenders With Competitive Rates and Loan Provisions


With your preliminary work done, it's time to find the right lender. Going through a service that matches your needs with lenders who are more likely to work with you is a great move. It's possible to compare rates and provisions offered by multiple lenders at the same time. This simplified approach makes it all the simpler to determine if the terms extended by Mogo Finance fit neatly into what you can do, or if you need to check out offers from other lenders.


When it comes to financing, take your time and go over each possibility carefully. Have a specific plan for retiring the debt on time or possibly before the settlement date. Doing so allows you to get the money needed, protect your credit rating, and could make it simpler to receive another loan in the future.

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