Why Do We Need SEO?

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Some people don't see the point of search engine optimization. Others think that it's becoming outmoded and believe time and effort put into SEO is wasted. The fact is that strong search engine optimization strategies are more important than ever. Before you buy into the myth that SEO is dead, it pays to learn more about what it does for you today, and why working with an entity like Seologist, SEO company in Toronto, is a smart move.


More People Search Online First and Ask Friends Later


When people tell you that most folks turn to friends and acquaintances when they are looking for a restaurant, a new apartment, or any other good or service, they’re only partially right. It’s true that people do turn to those in their social circles and ask for recommendations. The thing is that they often do that after seeing what they can find online.


How does that tie into SEO? When people use smartphones or any other Internet-connected device to look for something, they’re most likely to scan the first page of search engine results and not look any further. If your SEO efforts aren’t landing your site on the first page of results, you’re missing out on opportunities to earn new business.


Search Engines Rank Sites and Pages Using SEO


Search engine algorithms come and go, but they rely on more than quality content and load times. They also rely heavily on optimized pages that use relevant keywords and keyword phrases in a natural fashion. You still need content that gives the user information he or she can utilize. The right keywords will help the user get there.


SEO Does Play a Role in Building User Trust


It’s human nature for people to feel a little more trust when a website or blog appears higher in search engine rankings. The right approach to seo will help you get there. Assuming your choice of keywords and the information users find on your pages relates directly to the search, people are more likely to bookmark those pages and be back from time to time. They’re also more likely to linger on the pages long enough for search engines to realize folks aren’t just visiting and leaving in ten seconds or less.


SEO Gets Your Content in Front of The Right People


You can write the most compelling and relevant content in the world, but what good does it do if no one reads it? You need something that motivates search engines to pick up that content and consider it worthy of high placement in search engine rankings. If the content seamlessly includes popular keywords that are related to the subject matter, that gives the engines one more reason to rank the page higher than similar pages.


SEO is a Good Marketing and Sales Investment

There’s no such thing as totally free online sales and marketing. At the very least, you have to invest some time in using whatever tools are available. When it comes to SEO, you may be able to find lists of popular search phrases, but do you really understand how to use them to best advantage?


The fact is that professional help with SEO is one of the more affordable and practical approaches you can use. The return on your investment can offset the costs within a short period of time. Remember it’s not just using popular keywords in the content, the page descriptions, and even the descriptions of images and videos. It’s knowing how to use those keywords in a way that earns favor from the major search engines.


SEO Isn’t Going Away


Critics who say that SEO is no longer relevant or is losing ground in terms of importance don’t understand how search engine optimization works on more than one level. If anything, it’s become more important in terms of ranking not only your website and blog, but also landing pages, your business pages on social media, and any other presence that you maintain. If someone tells you that SEO is going the way of the dinosaur, don’t listen. Doing so will hurt rather help your online marketing efforts.


Are you still not sure that SEO makes a positive difference? Talk with an expert and ask for some historical data on the impact of search engine optimization. Pay close attention to what strategies have helped companies like yours. It won’t take long to see that the naysayers don’t know what they’re talking about, and why you should take SEO seriously.

Provided by Mike Zhmudikov, SEO strategist at Seologist/Onecore media company in Toronto.

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