6 Simple Reasons to Consider Some Type of Body Adornment

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Body adornment can take on several forms. As Ion Nicolae, Toronto tattoo shop owner can tell you, tattoos are among the most common options for personal adornment. There are also body jewelry of different types to consider. The reason behind the adornment varies. In some cases, the choices serve more than one purpose. Here are some examples of why people choose body art and other types of adornment. If one or more applies to you, it may be time to visit a professional.


A Form of Self-Expression


Some people love to invest in ornamentation that helps to express something about themselves. The idea is to convey some sort of message to the rest of the world without having to actually say anything. Tattoos that include some sort of scene will often do the trick. Quotes can be worked into the design.


There’s also the option of using piercings with different types of jewelry to achieve the same goal. Thanks to customization, it’s possible to come up with choices that are a little different from what others are doing and still achieve your purpose.


Honoring Someone You Love


At times, the goal is to honor someone that you love deeply. It could be a parent, child, romantic partner, or someone who was there for you when life wasn’t going so well. The adornment could include the person’s name, image, or a combination of the two. You could also go with a tattoo or some type of body jewelry that’s connected to some obstacle the two of you faced together and overcame.


Remember that this type of honor can be as subtle or as obvious as you want. That makes it all the easier to keep it between the two of you if you like, or share it with the entire world.


Or A Cause That’s Dear to Your Heart


Perhaps there’s a cause that is close to your heart. Why not celebrate that cause with some type of body art or ornamentation? If you choose the placement so that everyone can see, this approach allows you to promote that cause even when you’re not talking or otherwise doing something to further it. The right choice could motivate others to ask about the cause, allowing the chance for you to provide information and possibly encourage that other person to also become more involved.


A Remembrance of Someone Who’s Not Around Any Longer


While many tattoos and body jewelry has something to do with a loved one who is still alive, it’s not unusual for people to invest in some sort of ornamentation as a way to remember someone who’s passed on. The subject can be a person that you knew well, or it could be a public figure who greatly influenced your life. In this instance, you are doing something that helps to keep the memory of that person alive for as long as you are still around.


Calling Attention to a Physical Attribute That You’re Proud Of


Some people don’t think about getting a tattoo or a piercing until they’re happier with their physical appearance. Maybe you start working out and find yourself in the best shape of your life. You’re proud of those recently toned and developed biceps or the definition of your chest. It makes sense that you would want to call attention to an attribute you’ve worked so hard to develop.


That’s where a tattoo or a piercing can come in handy. It doesn’t have to be big and bold. All it has to do is draw the eye to a specific area. A tasteful tattoo or something like a nipple piercing will do the trick nicely.


Something Just For Fun


There are times when you’re not that interested in making a statement or remembering someone of something. For you, the whole point is to do something that’s fun and maybe a little out of the ordinary. That’s all the motivation you need to think about investing in an ear, nipple, or nose piercing and selecting jewelry that you like. The nice thing about this choice is that you can wear jewelry when you like but also remove it when the situation calls for a more traditional appearance.


In like manner, you can get a tattoo that’s simply for your own enjoyment. If necessary, you can choose an area where it’s hidden under clothing while you’re at work, but is easy to spot when you’re wearing more casual clothing.


Have you been thinking about getting some type of body ornamentation or art? Now is a great time to visit a professional shop and look at some samples. Remember that many artists are happy to talk with you about custom designs. With a little time and planning, you can end up with a piercing or a tattoo that you’ll love for a long time.

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